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My little Yorkie, 17 years, was on buprenex(.12 ml) for 2 days (2 injections each day). He did not make it. I thought I was giving him medication to make his passing easier for him, but it ended up a long, uncomfortable death for him. He had bloody diarrhea and I thought he was comatose the last few hours. I would have never agreed to this if I knew it’s side effects. I called the vet and told her that he had bloody diarrhea, and she said if it had a side effect, it would more likely be constipation. He was also taking famotidine (.15 ml) 2x a day. Our only other alternative was to have him put down at the vet (he had heart and kidney problems); but we wanted him home with us. I am wondering if the vet had us over medicate him to get it over quickly. After reading the other comments, I wonder why she chose buprenex. I will never give this medication to a pet of mine again; nor will anyone else.

A few days ago my 9 year old female yorkie enjoyed her breakfast and walk as usual. I noticed her not earing the following day so I brought her to the ER Vet. She was responsive but lethargic. They said she had end stage kidney failure and asked about youthenasia and I said no. I told them to do what they had to to help her get better. They gave her fluids and a .3 injection of buprinex. This was 12:03 am 1 1/2 hours after we had gotten there. Wickett weighed 5.9 and was as portuguese as a dog can get, spunky and loveable. 20 minutes later as Im holding her and telling her how much I love her and shes not going anywhere todsy. I wanted to bring her home and make her as comfortsble as possible she passed away in my arms. I didnt even notice it because she twitched a bit and they checked her heart and there was no beat. I brought her home because i wasnt leaving her there. My 1 year old morky had been watching over her for a day, and when he saw her he started cleaning her ears and teeth and then nudging her head. He tried to wake her up for an hour or more. I didnt want to pull him away because they were very close. Today, Baxter and I are still greiving. He used to be so hyperactive but now he just looks out into nowhere. He doesnt know what dish to eat out of, and instead of bouncing around all over, hes just laying on the couch and checking to see how i am. I wish i knew i couldve given her tramadol i didnt know it but i had some from her surgery. I hate myself now. She was everything. I look in Baxters eyes and what I see is exactly how I feel. He finally ate for the first time and took a walk, he hasnt been interested in anything, usually he brings one toy after another, he hasnt looked at one. I hope he gets better soon, he loved Wickett as much as I did and she may not have admitted it, but she loved him too.

He was totally out of it for two days. The first few hours were so scary that I called the vet. My little 18lb. Scottie was panting, spaced out, unable to walk, drink, or pee.

It has now been 12 hrs and there is no change.

I think the vet over drugged my dog. I was vunerable and trusting and didn’t have the knowledge about this particular buprenex narcotic treatment.

I’m still sitting here with my little dog who is still comatose from this drug.

Unless your dog has undergone serious surgery, I would not recommend this drug for treatment.

My 47 lb basset hound was given buprenex as well .29mg and was knocked out for a total of 25 hours. She only needed 3 stitches on the top of her foot, she was not limping or acting in pain at all, I told the emergency vet that as well. She was found the next morning on the couch eyes rolled back in her head, and shallow breathing, and cold to touch, we did rush her to her regular vets where they kept her all day for observation. I agree with the other poster, do not let them give your animal cat or dog this drug unless they have had a serious injury or surgery.

Thank you for the info on Buprenex. My pug never had this type of pain medication prescribed so I looked it up on the internet as I always do on any medications prescribed for her especially if it is a narcotic. After so many postings and stories, I have decided not to give her this pain medication. The side of her tongue was accidentally lacerated by another dog who tried to eat from her little bowl while she was eating her dinner. We rushed her to the nearest emergency vet. The vet said it will take two weeks for the tongue to heal and prescribed antibiotics (clamavox) and pain medication (buprenex). She doesn’t seem to be in pain but I’m watching her very closely. She suffered a lot of stress and anxiety from the whole ordeal and once we got home, she relaxed and slept. At this moment, she is under the computer table in her little bed sleeping while I am writing this. Thanks again for your informative and helpful postings.

my beagle was given buprenex .3 mg at the vet for severe pain due to disc injury in his neck, he had been rushed to the ER vet x2 before this, he was taken to his regular vet as he was vomiting due to the meds at the ER clinic, he was put on an IV and sent home with buprenex, it did wonders for him, not only did it relieve his tremendous pain but it let him rest in his crate so his neck could heal, i would treat him with it again if the situation warranted, he was not put on steroid treatment immediately do to the vomiting, so buprenex was our only option, less stomach problems than even morphine, it helped him alot, i was grateful, i could give him medication that alleviated his pain, it was awful to watch him in that much pain, got him through his rough patch before he could go back on regular treatment, i am sure he was grateful as well, but i do agree that it should not be given for minor pain, it is for moderate to severe pain, my dog was in so much pain he would scream everytime he moved, there is a difference between small issues and severe issues

I took my dog to the ER last night because she was unable to use her back legs. They took a spinal X ray and found nothing wrong. She wasn’t crying around me but they said she was during the X ray. I told them to give her pain meds ONLY if they could find one for her to safely take with her liver and thyroid conditions. She was given .4mg and she only weighed 18 lbs. She passed away three hours later after crying in pain from seizures. The doctor seemed to be pushing euthanasia and I was not interested. I’m not sure if the Dr intentionally overdosed her or not, but from what I’ve read (after the fact) the proper dosage would be .1 .2 mg max. Had I known about the side effects of this drug (depressed respiration, heart rate and BP) I would not have allowed it. I unfortunately trusted the vet to make a proper decision to ease the pain the vet claimed she had, and the vet thought that was free reign to dose her with whatever. Be very cautious if you choose to allow your babies to take this and watch them carefully. My poor baby’s decline from original dozing to crying/seizing, and finally to death only took about an hour and a half.

My 5 lb yorkie mix got one dose of buprenex when she injured her leg and they needed to give her pain medication to take an x ray. Buprenex sedated her and caused nausea/inappetance. She did not want to eat for 24 hrs and she also had bloody diarrhea with urgency and frequency in that 24 hrs. I called the vet who seemed not to realize this could be a side effect of buprenex in dogs. Thankfully, she recovered after one day but this may be a side effect of buprenex in dogs, possibly mainly in small dogs.

My dog was injected with Buprenex by his veterinarian to help with pain from suspected pancreatitis. Afterwards the dog was taken to a veterinary teaching hospital, where the dog was diagnosed with megaesophagus (dilated esophagus) and aspiration pneumonia, not pancreatitis. The dog had initially been misdiagnosed and given Buprenex for a condition he did not have. The Buprenex really knocked the dog out. He didn’t recognize me when I picked him from his veterinarian to take him to the teaching hospital. It is my belief that the veterinarian should not have given Buprenex to a dog with pneumonia. The dog was hospitalized for six days, costing over $5,000.00.
doc marten loafers Can you give Buprenex to dogs