dr martens factory Bad review of Burnaby Hospital already out of date

boots dr martens Bad review of Burnaby Hospital already out of date

Dr. David Jones served as the head of medical staff at Burnaby Hospital from 2008 to June 2014. He said the statistics the province used, from 2010 to 2012, are “quite out of date.”

The performance of the hospital has improved significantly since then, Jones stressed.

“We haven’t reached perfection by any means. Some of it relates to the structure of the hospital and how out of date it is. But the statistics show the tremendous improvement that’s happened over the last couple of years.”

The seven month review of Fraser Health was ordered largely in response to its inability to avoid successive budget overruns. It determined that hospital emergency rooms are overused by non urgent cases which would be better seen by family doctors or at community care facilities.

Burnaby Deer Lake NDP MLA Kathy Corrigan criticized the ministry for laying blame at Fraser Health when it is moves by the Liberal government, she said, which caused many of the current problems.

When the Liberals were first elected in 2001, they promised to build 5,000 more long term care beds to help free up acute care beds, but that hasn’t happened, Corrigan said adding, in fact, hundreds of such beds have been lost since then.

There have also been cuts and a lack of investment to community health clinics, home care, and day programs for seniors, she said.

“I think it’s interesting that over the last several years the number of managers has gone up by 20 per cent,” she said.

“I remember the doctors at Burnaby Hospital three to four years ago saying this centralized approach was going to take away local input and was not going to be good for patient care. And now this report says ‘oops, it’s not working the way we thought it was going to.'”

Corrigan noted that some of the issues faced by Burnaby Hospital are related to the aging facility and its outdated design which was identified as being one of the factors in the C. difficile outbreaks linked to dozens of deaths in recent years.

But the hospital was identified as needing to be replaced as far back as 2001. That’s because of the large number of Burnaby patients who already go in to Vancouver for treatment.

Burnaby Coun. Paul McDonell served seven years on the board of the Simon Fraser Health Region in the 1990s.

McDonell believes Fraser Health is so large, covering the area from Burnaby to Boston Bar, that it’s become unmanageable.

As for potentially moving Burnaby within Vancouver Coastal, he said, “Fraser Health is in turmoil right now At least there’d be some stability going to Vancouver.”
dr martens factory Bad review of Burnaby Hospital already out of date