doc martens sizing Battling spring break expectations

doc marten shop Battling spring break expectations

In college, spring break comes with a lot of expectations. We have all seen the movies of college kids going to the beach for what is shown as the best week of their lives. The movies, the posts and the overall perception of college spring break can be intimidating. However, not every spring break has to be picture perfect, lying on a beach, drinking margaritas.

There are countless ways you can spend your week of freedom, and however you decide to spend it is your choice. Don’t feel like this week has to be perfect just because expectations are high.

For some,
doc martens sizing Battling spring break expectations
spring break means going to a tropical destination, playing beach volleyball all day and not having a care in the world. For others it means going to the mountains to ski and snowboard, wind down with some hot chocolate and sit by a fire. Spring break can mean spending the whole week with your best friends and making some questionable decisions while having the best time of your life, or spending quality time with family, the ones you are closest to and with whom you can make unforgettable memories.

There are the typical destinations to which everyone goes: Daytona Beach, Key West, Cancun and Miami are just a few of the most popular,
doc martens sizing Battling spring break expectations
especially for Virginia Tech students.

But these are not the only options for a college spring break.

Most students are tight on cash and can’t afford a lavish spring break. Working over this week can help you make money for the next semester’s tuition, or buy next season’s football tickets. Whatever the reason you have to work on spring break, try to make the best of it. There are countless ways in which students can make some extra cash and still enjoy their week of freedom. every day; babysitting or picking up shifts at your high school job are ways to make some spare change. Though it might not be how you want to spend your week, you can take day trips on your days off and spend time with friends from home. Don’t let a job make you dread spring break.

Some students prefer not to spend the time for themselves at all, but rather volunteer or help out an organization that adds value to their spring break. There are many different alternative spring break trips that can be taken, domestic or abroad. These trips not only help other people,
doc martens sizing Battling spring break expectations
but make you feel as if you accomplished something. These trips are the ones that truly make an impact in your life, so why not try something different for one week? Check out VT Engage for service ideas.

Every year, your friends will be talking about going on their extravagant spring break trips. However, don’t feel pressured to do what everyone else is doing. If you would rather go home and spend spring break with your dog than spend money on an expensive beach hotel, you have every right to do that.

No matter what you decide to do, be happy with the fact that you are getting a break.

Spring break should not be a time to feel pressure. We feel pressure every other week of our lives.

This week is the time when we should not feel pressured to have the typical fancy spring break, but do what makes us feel happy. You get to decide how to spend your time. Enjoy it,
doc martens sizing Battling spring break expectations
and don’t let anyone else tell you differently.