doc martens review Barre gun show draws crowds

doc martens store locator Barre gun show draws crowds

Parking was at apremiumoutside the venue because of competition for space with a youth hockey tournament at the adjacent BOR ice arena.

Organizers seemed pleased with the turnout, with record crowds, vendor tables on two floors and the auditorium stage, andthrongsof people filling theaisles.

seems to be going very well, said event organizer Brad Herring. parking lotoffull which isanindication of good attendance and we had a line halfway down the road.

Jessica White from Braintree was trying to sell a firearm at the Barre Fish Game Gun Show on Saturday.

seems to be enjoying the show. Vendors are selling, which is good, and making deals, Herring added.

Barre Fish Game Club President Kevin Sareexpressed similar sentiments.

far things are going prettygood, Sare said. talked to few vendors who said theyhadn solda lot but there a lot of people here, and the parking lots are full.

getting too much into it,essentially,we all sportsmen and we forsportsmen, and we like to keeps things the way they are. We don believe we need any more gun laws in the state. acknowledged the current debate in the Legislature over one of the gun billsto reduce the risk of injury in domestic violence incidents.

wants to see anyone get hurt,
doc martens review Barre gun show draws crowds
obviously, but like I said, I think there other ways that that can be handled without infringing on honest people rights, Sare said.

When looking for a bargain, buyers needed to look no further than thevendor table ofBurke O ofBJ and Shooting, based in Williston.

O closed his store last May and was selling off the last of his inventory before retiring.

be 85 next week, said O who said he has attended every Barre gun show since it started at the National Guard Armory in Berlin before transferring to the Barre Auditorium after a few years.

O saidbusinesshas been good in the run up toretirement because he had been selling stocks of firearms he had been holding for decades, including highlysought aftervintage German weapons. Prices ranged between $1,700 and $2,500, O said.

been good because I got some stuff that been in the safe for 50 years and that the stuff that been selling, he said. oldMausers, small ring Mausers,
doc martens review Barre gun show draws crowds
highly collectable stuff; and some, Giffen Howe guns. A lot of them came out of a collection I bought 40 years ago, but I thought it was time to move them. said he has sold the shop inventory and was getting ready to sellthe building in Williston.

He blamed the close of the business on an Obama era law created through the Banking Insurance Commission that added additional liability insurance requirements for gun sellers he said had resulted in a tripling of hisinsurancecosts and banksrefusingto do businesswithhim. O said the law was eventually overturned but still impactedhis business.

I don feel the need to take another job, so I just going to retire, O said.

One buyer who bought a bargain from O was Joseph Banner, of Rutland, who foundanantiqueIthaka shotgun for $275, plus tax. a fair price, Banner said.

an avid rabbit hunter, and I like hunting with classic shotguns for that. it a very sporting gun, said Banner.

Another veteran vendor, Rick Gorham,
doc martens review Barre gun show draws crowds
of Rick Gun Shop inEastBurke, said he has attended the gun show for the past 25 years.

long guns, hand guns, muzzle loaders; we sell it all, Gorham said. Prices ranged from $300 to $400 for long guns and hand guns, and $150 to $300 for shotguns.

has started slow because people have to look all around before they start buying, but they will. They always do, Gorham added.

AllisonPearl, of Danville, said she and herhusband, Henry,madethe annualpilgrimageto the gun show.

come every year;
doc martens review Barre gun show draws crowds
it kind of a tradition, Pearl said. a gunfanaticfor sure, a little bit of a collector. said sheliked guns that were littlefancier, pointing to a Henry .243 standard hunting rifle with shiny copper plating, and also liked the look of some muzzle loaders with designs on them.

used to go hunting but I have two kids now so they keep me from that, she added with a laugh.

Gun buyers were either stronglyopposedtoorreluctantto discussnew gun restriction bills before the Vermont Legislature.

The VermontFederation ofSportmen isalsoopposedto thebills:S.6 (requiring a background check on a private seller), H.422 (removing weapons from a person cited for domestic assault), and S.221 (calling for an extreme risk protection order against a person deemed toposeasignificant danger). There was a strong turnout by both gun advocates and opponents at hearing on the bills in the Vermont Legislature this week.

Numerous others vendors at the Barre gun show were selling a wide range of accessories, including Civil War artifacts, crossbows,knives, axes, clothing flags and artwork.
doc martens review Barre gun show draws crowds