mens dr martens Dover heading for Conference place

dr martens 1461 patent Dover heading for Conference place

MICK KEMP: “We are going to vote for two new leagues, north and south”

DOVER Athletic could be playing in the Nationwide Conference next season even if they don win the Dr Martens League Premier Division this time around.

Conference chief executive John Moules has written to each of the 69 clubs which form the premier divisions of the Dr Martens, Ryman and UniBond Leagues urging them to break away and join an extended Conference, which will start next season if the plan succeeds.

If up to 22 clubs apply they would form a new league called Conference Two. If up to 44 apply they would form two geographically based leagues: Conference North and Conference South.

Dover have decided that they would like to be involved if the second option becomes a reality but not the first. Club chairman Mick Kemp said: are going to vote for the two new leagues, north and south.

are against the idea of just having a Conference Division 2 because we think the travelling and other costs involved would be too much for most other clubs who are now in the feeder leagues. Clubs have until January 16 to reply to Mr Moules letter and Mr Kemp said that in some ways Dover were being into making a decision He added: feel that we can sit back and not do anything, because if the Conference does expand then I can see the premier divisions in the feeder leagues disappearing next season and we could end up in the Dr Martens Eastern Division.”
mens dr martens Dover heading for Conference place