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Rep. Daniel Donovan (R Staten Island/Brooklyn) is asking that his paycheck be withheld until the government shutdown ends.

Donovan said the men and women in government shouldn’t be treated differently than those in uniform including receiving a paycheck and asked the House of Representatives’ payroll administrators to withhold his pay until the end of the shutdown.

The federal government shut down at midnight Friday when the Senate was unable to agree on a stopgap funding measure to keep government services running. It was the first shutdown since 2013.

During the shutdown, nonessential federal employees are placed on furlough while essential employees are required to go to work without pay.

“Senate Democrats blocked a funding bill even though they don’t oppose anything in it so they should face the same consequences as the millions of other federal employees. Senate Democrats should do what I’ve done, and demand that their paycheck be withheld until the government reopens,” Donovan said.

Donovan voted in support of the funding bill that passed the House of Representatives on Thursday. Democrats in the Senate blocked the vote from passing, resulting in the shutdown.

Donovan criticized Democrats for “shutting down the government over unrelated immigration matters” and for voting in opposition of a bill which he said they were in support of last month.
dr martens official Don't pay me during the government shutdown