dr martens brighton Dog Cataract Surgery Lafayette LA

doc marten outfits Dog Cataract Surgery Lafayette LA

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the lens of its eye. This will prevent the eye from receiving light.

There are varying degrees of cataracts. Some may be small and only cause minor vision problems, or they may grow to cover the entire lens of the eye which can cause total blindness. A number of different conditions can lead to cataracts, including diabetes, heredity, and old age. The speed of their development will vary. They may appear and grow quickly, or they may take many years to fully develop.

The only effective treatment for cataracts in dogs in the surgical removal of the lens. The doctor will remove the lens during surgery while the animal is under anesthetic, and they will replace it with an artificial lens. This should restore the dog’s vision. They will make a small incision in the capsular bag that contains the lens, and a probe will be inserted that will ultrasonically emulsify the lens. Then they will insert the new artificial lens and close the incision.

The cost of this surgery will vary based on where you live and the facility where the work is done, but generally speaking, plan to pay $1,500 to $3,000 per eye.
dr martens brighton Dog Cataract Surgery Lafayette LA