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What a month so far, after that Claycord question about traffic enforcement!!! First, I saw a fool driving recklessly on East Street during the first week of the month. He was speeding, swerving in and out of lanes, and jackrabbit starting at intersections (He caught every light!) When he flew up Clayton Road at high speed, I thought I wouldn see him again, but a motorcycle officer was parked in the credit union parking lot and zipped out after him. I followed and watched the idiot get pulled over. I drove past the car and the officer in a paring lot, and gave the officer a high sign; he smiled.

Earlier this week, while driving up 280 towards Redwood City I passed a CHP SUV parked on the shoulder. I was in the 3 lane, cruise control set at 65. A minute later I sensed a car creeping up on my right, and saw the officer pacing my car. He hung there for a minute or so, and when two idiots flew by us in the 1 lane at about 80, with the trailing car just a few feet away from the front car, he pulled away. He got into the 1 lane and tracked the two cars, and after a bit, he pulled the tailgater over. I had a huge smile when I went by them.

Concord likes to deny its crime problem. They make it difficult to know the true crime data because in most cases (burglary excepted) they only report arrests, not crimes committed. and then they do not report by neighborhood, just the city at large. There is a robbery about every three days in Concord, with very few arrests. You have to wait every six months to get that crime data.

The schools near Holbrook Heights have an abysmal performance record. But if you put your kids in private school, or you don have kids, I think its an okay neighborhood for a first time buyer.

I lived in Holbrook in the 70’s. If memory serves, the houses were about 1500 sq ft, no dining room and uninsulated walls. Every house had a huge Modesto ash tree that was gorgeous but produced a dump truck full of leaves in the fall. When the subdivision was built,
dr marten vegan Talk About Whatever
it was aimed at educated and middle management types. There was a pool and park maintained by the homeowners association. Today, I don’t know about the demographics but prices should provide a clue. Can comment about schools because the social situation has changed dramatically.

Subway Sandwiches in Palos Verdes Mall/Walnut Creek had a red placard/Closed Health Depart notice on the door (dated yesterday) when I walked by this morning. 2nd time in about 1 1/2 years the eatery has been shut down by Health Dept.

The full inspection report is not yet online, but the Inspection Details lists major violations for (1) clean food surfaces, (2) hot and cold food holding temps, and (3) insects, rodents, birds, or animals present.

I checked on Mona Burgers, which is immediately adjacent to this Subway, Mona was inspected yesterday, also, and received a green placard.

Not being on the list might be a blessing, Mary. Getting all those jobs would be nice, but Amazon has a terrible reputation for the way it treats its employees.

Nashville already has a huge Amazon presence, and it is still on the list for HQ2. That wouldn be a bad thing if it meant actually getting needed infrastructure. Google Fiber has their foot in the door, and getting a tech giant like Amazon might encourage faster implementation. However, it would be a very bad thing if it only adds to the daily gridlock and the cost of housing. Nashville is growing by over a hundred people per day, and that not counting an Amazon influx.

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dr marten vegan Talk About Whatever
Trust me. The Sheriff could end the contract, and then what, the families would have to go visit their relatives in Nevada?

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Mrs. The numbers should reflect how many jobs

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