dr martens vintage 1461 Home Inspection Checklist

dr marten stockists Home Inspection Checklist

There are thousands of sites on theWorld Wide Web offering information about home buying and, inparticular, home inspections. Two helpful government related sitesare:

A consumer homeinspection checklist does not replace the professional homeinspection. You do the consumer home inspection before making anoffer to purchase a home. Once you conduct your own consumer homeinspection and make a decision to buy a particular home, you willsign a contract and have the home you’ve selected professionallyinspected. The professional home inspector gives you an objectiveand comprehensive report before closing.

In addition, you maywant to have the home tested for possible environmental hazardswhich are not usually visible, including, lead in the water,
dr martens vintage 1461 Home Inspection Checklist
leadin paint, asbestos, radon or other toxic materials.

Before YouConduct a Home Inspection

Schedule your homeinspection during daylight hours. You may want to bring along thefollowing tools.

Consumer Home Inspection Form (follows this introduction)

A powerful flashlight to use in basements and crawl spaces

A stepladder to look in the attic to check insulation, the underside of the roof and indirect lighting fixtures

A tape recorder to record any information too lengthy to note on the inspection form

A circuit tester to check the circuitsPlan to go through thehome completely twice so you can do an overall analysis. Ask open ended, leading questions. You maybegin by asking the occupants:

Are you aware of any termite damage or activity in your home? Virtually all homes sold today require a termite inspection and certificate so a complete history of any damage, treatment or repair is important to know from the start.

Does your home have any existing or repaired structural problems, such as cracks in the basement floor,
dr martens vintage 1461 Home Inspection Checklist
rotted floor joists or settlement cracks in the walls?

Do you ever have moisture in your basement? A typical concern when buying a home is a wet basement or crawl space. It’s important to learn about a wet basement early so that it can be repaired or you can negotiate the price of repair before you buy the home.