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CENTREVILLE Huckleberry is a very, very lucky horse.

He’s recovering from a freak accident that happened in the middle of the night on Thursday, Feb. 13, and thanks to the Goodwill Volunteer Fire Company, his veterinarian and his owners, the story has a happy ending.

Huckleberry is a 22 year old Quarter horse owned by Holly and Dave Bechtel of Dulin Clark Road, and he was in his pasture during the night, apparently munching away happily on hay when something went wrong. to get a drink of water and looked out the window at the snow before going back to bed.

“I noticed our hay hut that was recently given to us for round bales of hay was flipped upside down in the field,” she recalled. She woke Dave and told him the hut was upside down and there was a horse in it.

They ran outside as the snow was falling and saw that it was Huckleberry, who had somehow gotten the whole front part of his body stuck inside the opening in the plastic hut and was unable to get out. Holly said they don’t know for sure how it happened, but she thinks he may have been spooked by something.

“We heard him sigh with relief as Dave and I kicked into action,” Holly said. They knew the situation was potentially serious because Huckleberry was shivering and appeared to be in shock. “A horse down on the ground usually fails pretty quickly.”

They called Huckleberry’s veterinarian, Dr. T. R. Corkran, whose equine practice is in Centreville. Corkran said to call the Goodwill VFC Rescue Squad, and told the Bechtels he’d be right over.

“This is where I am proud to live in Centreville, Md.,” Holly said. “After I placed the call to the fire department rescue squad, I heard the loud siren go off from afar. Dave had me turn on every light to the house and barn so they could find us in the snow as it fell. As Dave looked up from the field, for he dared not leave Huckleberry alone, to see the lights from Rescue 4 and Dr. Corkran.”

As Dr. Corkran went to work making sure Huckleberry was calm and warm,
dr marten shoes Horse trapped in hay hut freed
the rescue squad, under the direction of Lt. Jeremy Davis brought its Jaws of Life to the scene to cut the plastic shed away from Huckleberry. The Jaws of Life is often used to free people trapped in wrecked vehicles. As they worked, the members of the rescue squad did what they could to help keep Huckleberry calm.

“Huckles never jumped up so fast! So relieved, he hobbled toward the hay with an injured left hind foot to grab a bite,” Holly said. “We placed his warm blanket on him and carefully walked him to the barn where we all gathered to comfort the poor boy even more.”

Corkran administered sedation and medicines and called for another blanket and placed a red heat lamp in the stall. to check up on his patient without having to be called, something Holly said she found very gratifying.

“That is so very hard to come by where I come from,” she said. “It’s usually left up to the owner to call and report to the doctor until they come for the follow up. Not here in Centreville, Md.”

No one knows for sure, but it may be that Huckleberry was trapped for several hours, unable to move, as the snow fell.

“The rescue squad saved his life,” Corkran said Monday when he stopped by to check on his patient. He said if it had happened a few nights earlier when the temperature was in the teens, Huckleberry may not have survived.

Davis and his team went into the stable with Huckleberry after he was freed and spent some time with him to make sure he was all right.

“We were glad to help Huckleberry and the Bechtels in their tough time,” Davis said. “We not only were able to get him out safely and in a timely manner, but we learned that our typical methods of rescue can also work in non typical situations, and we will use this knowledge in the future.”

A posting on the Goodwill Volunteer Fire Company’s Facebook page said it all “another job well done by our dedicated members.”

For now, Huckleberry is spending most of his time in the stable while his injured foot heals and the ice melts and, no doubt, is looking forward to a nice spring day when he can again roam his pasture with his stable mates.
dr marten shoes Horse trapped in hay hut freed