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i have a brother too. mine comes with a http/web interface that i can log in to and check the status as well as history. the included software also pulls info from there.

I’d rather have something that tells me how much toner is left because the toner used per page varies a lot. user specifies how many grams of toner available) then the print manager keeps track of % of surface of each page printed on and any toner density control set by the user. I think it could approach +/ 5% accuracy without too much difficulty.

Unless you’re question has more to do with worries about RAS stats?

But, cumulative pages output on a given toner cartridge should be an incredibly trivial add to any print manager, and I have to really wonder why more printer manufacturers (and/or Microsoft/Linux Derivatives coders) don’t provide it as a default feature.

This may help. I simply did an internet search for these terms. It returned a number of programs that look like they do what you are asking for.

[freeware track printer page count]

I have NOT tried any of the programs,
doc martens 1460 mens how many pages printed
and neither approve nor disapprove any given program. I have not examined them or the websites to see if they involve adware, spyware, or any kind of malware.

edit to add:

I did take a few minutes to look at some of the programs available,
doc martens 1460 mens how many pages printed
and it looked like mostly shareware versions provided the functionality you’re looking for. Although they all seem targeted to businesses and are WAY over featured for simple printer monitoring.

Shareware examples (where the software companies are still in business) would be

$60 (with free trial)$70 (with free trial)The prices of the shareware programs varied widely from $10 to $300. I still don’t understand why this trivial bit of code (page count aggregate per printer) isn’t a fundamental feature built into the Microsoft print manager.