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Crofts and common grazings are a valuable resource that should be available both now and in the future, for existing crofters and new entrants to crofting, to use productively. There is also a list of people and organisations who provide guidance and information to new and existing crofters on a variety of crofting matters.

Crofters are required to submit regulatory applications to the Crofting Commission to make changes to their croft. An overview is available in our Making Changes To my Croft leaflet, also see our Factsheet on What will happen to my croft when I am no longer able to work it.

The Commission decisions on applications are based on legislation, policy and information obtained in the application process. In taking its decision the Commission will have regards to the best interests for the croft, the local community and the crofting system.

The majority of regulatory applications have to be publicly advertised by the applicant. The exceptions are part croft and whole croft decrofting, new crofts and new common grazings which require to be advertised by the Crofting Commission. The advert is to advise people with an interest in the application of their right to to the Crofting Commission within a set timescale (generally 28 days).

The Crofters (Scotland) Act 1993 also makes provision for Commissioners to delegate the making of decisions on their behalf, details of which can be found in the Instrument of Delegation.

There are comprehensive Guidance Notes available for each application form to help crofters complete the forms. You will also find our information Factsheets and Leaflets within each regulatory function.
womens dr martens shoes Regulatory Applications