dr martens ben boot Reasons You May Denied Entry Into Canada

dr martens flowers Reasons You May Denied Entry Into Canada

Crossing the border is serious business. Even Canadians, who are known to be polite and easy going, don mess around when it comes to checking ID at the country border.

To some extent, your ability to come to Canada is subjective and at the discretion of the officer you speak to when you arrive at the border.

As one border services officer put it in an email, of all travelers seeking to enter Canada is considered on a case by case basis based on the specific facts presented to the border services officer, by the applicant, at the time of entry. It is up to the person to demonstrate that they meet the requirements to enter and/or stay in Canada. you have any concerns about your admissibility, you may be interested in these common reasons why people are denied entry at the Canada border.

Having a criminal record is one of the main reasons people are refused entry into Canada. If you have a DUI (drinking under the influence) or an assault conviction lurking in your past, don think it will go unnoticed. People are turned away every day for past convictions.

Denial to Canada is not automatic if you have a conviction. Be honest about your criminal history. You may be able to persuade the immigration officer that you have been rehabilitated. Alternately you may have to prove individual rehabilitation, which is an application process that proves though you have a previous conviction, you no longer pose a risk.
dr martens ben boot Reasons You May Denied Entry Into Canada