vegetarian doc martens Joyce’s Tavern continues boycott on Super Bowl Sunday

very doc martens Joyce’s Tavern continues boycott on Super Bowl Sunday

While football fans celebrate Super Bowl Sunday at local bars, Joyce’s Tavern is marking the day as raising more than $30,000 for non profits in the 17 weeks the Eltingville restaurant boycotted the National Football League.

Co owner Joseph O’Toole Jr. canceled his NFL package in September after players kneeled in protest during the “Star Spangled Banner.”

Although Super Bowl Sunday is big day for local bars and taverns, O’Toole is standing by his word.

“When the national anthem comes on, that’s our freedom, that’s our country, our veterans, everything that makes America the way that it is today,” O’Toole said.

“They’re not showing respect for something as simple as this is for our country and veterans. I don’t think the national anthem is the time to express their opinion. You have your opinion, and you have your rights, but I don’t think it should be displayed during the national anthem. You’re disrespecting your country,” he added.

In place of weekly football broadcasts, O’Toole decided to host fundraisers to support local non profits. Money was raised for several organizations through raffles, 50/50s and T shirts.

Organizations supported by fundraisers included: Michael’s Cause, Where to Turn, Blue Lives Matter, Wounded Warriors, Special Olympics of New York and many others.

O’Toole said he couldn’t believe the support he received from new and old customers, who came in each week, not to watch football, but to help raise money for fellow Islanders.

“I totally 100 percent agree with him,” said Charlie Howe of Eltingville. “Once you disrespect our servicemen, servicewomen, veterans and everything else going along with it, I am totally supportive. How hard is it to stand up and put your hand over your heart?”

Howe and Frank Romano, of Great Kills, both have children who are veterans.

“They fought and served for their right to take a knee, and I don’t agree with it and I’m very disappointed they are doing it. But they have the right to do it,” Romano said. “But there’s a time and place for everything and we feel it is the wrong place and the wrong time.”
vegetarian doc martens Joyce's Tavern continues boycott on Super Bowl Sunday