dr martens JSO responds to claims of chase damage

doc marten floral boots JSO responds to claims of chase damage

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office reached out to First Coast News regarding clarification about the case. She said the suspect was speeding on Arlington Expressway and police tried to conduct a traffic stop and that the incident wasn’t a “high speed chase.” The driver turned northbound into the Les Chateaux Condominiums, slowed down and the driver of the vehicle jumped out and the vehicle kept rolling and struck other vehicles before it stopped.

STORY: JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Les Chateaux condominium is lined with narrow streets, speed bumps and twist and turns. when a white, four door car that was the subject of a traffic stop plowed into two cars while trying to avoid law enforcement.

Right before it happened, JSO saw a vehicle speeding on the Arlington Expressway. When JSO officers tried conducting a traffic stop,
dr martens JSO responds to claims of chase damage
the driver of the vehicle turned into the apartment complex and hopped out of the vehicle while it was still in motion. The driver of the vehicle then took off on foot, according to JSO.

Sibley’s owns a 2017 Dodge Journey; Ford owns a 2002 Oldsmobile. They said the police told them to file a claim with their own auto insurance companies for the damage.

“The officer tells us, officer Wise, to put it on my insurance as a hit and run,” said Ford.

“Why should I have to pay a deductible? Sibley asked. “It is a chase.”

We asked JSO to explain its pursuit policy and responsibility for damage. We were told the request is being processed.

We asked the same question to St. Johns County and Clay County and they provided their policy. Safety is the threshold in both policies.

Both Ford and Sibley said JSO may need to review its policies.

“They need to be trained better,
dr martens JSO responds to claims of chase damage
” Ford said “Whenever you going to make a call make a common sense call. think before you put everyone’s life in jeopardy.”