dr martens oxford street Payment Gateway to Accept Online Payments

dr martens shoes mens Payment Gateway to Accept Online Payments


Over seven years Paycents has helped hundreds of software companies and thousands of their customers address the challenges of integrated payment processing.

A merchant account allows a business to accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and other forms of payment cards. This is also widely known as payment processing or credit card processing.

PayCents has achieved the highest level of compliance under the Payment

Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI). PayCents adhere to the most stringent levels of fraud screening, ensuring that your customer’s details remain secure throughout the transaction process.

PayCents provides one stop, one location, and one phone number for your e commerce or merchant solutions.

Offering a wide range of services and tools to enhance your business and increase your revenue. Regardless of your business model, PayCents enable thousands of businesses to accept payments on the internet, by phone, fax or mail. Credit and debit cards, bank transfers and installments. In any language and most currencies.

IP based POS systems offer several advantages:

Faster Checkout Times Improve customer satisfaction by speeding up checkout lines.

Reduce Costs Eliminate multiple dedicated telephone lines to reduce telecom expenses, while consolidating services costs for broadband.

Increased Productivity Simplify the integration of payment information into your enterprise applications. Merchants with mobile sales teams or non traditional storefronts can expand their business and increase revenue by accepting payments from customers anywhere, anytime.

Mobile POS systems are setting a new standard in convenience and are easy to implement.

Mobile POS systems offer several advantages:

Customer Satisfaction Improve your customers’ experience by speeding up the checkout process.

Flexibility With mobile payments, your storefront literally goes anywhere you do.

Stability and Reliability The Paycents platform rivals those of the largest e commerce, trading, and portal Web sites. Our system handles millions of transactions every month, and is continuously monitored for performance.

PayCents is a subsidiary of ACCUDAQ, an International Company with offices in Oklahoma City, Houston Texas and Nicaragua. Finance Reviews on e commerce solutions and online money transfer, payments gateway.

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dr martens oxford street Payment Gateway to Accept Online Payments