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It took the better part of a decade, but Airdrie Faith Community Church pastor, Tim Callaway, is pleased with Training Disciplined Soldiers For Christ, the first book he has published that bears his name alone.

Initially written for his PhD, a church history degree that Callaway earned in 2010 from the University of South Africa, the book has spent the last three years being edited for the layperson.

Written with an academic bent, it examines nearly 60 years of history at Prairie Bible Institute (PBI), located in Three Hills. Callaway also presents the argument that the school represents an extension of American fundamentalist Christian beliefs, rather than a unique brand of Canadian evangelism as put forward by previous scholars.

have been involved in writing all my life, said Callaway, adding his mom penned numerous articles for both Canadian and American religious publications and seven books, including a novel, Down Timberlands Trail. with his mother, Bernice, other members of Callaway family have the gift of writing including his uncle, who launched The Christian Enquirer, a religious newspaper based out of the Niagara region of Ontario; and his brother Phil, well known in Christian circles for his 22 humorous books and his speaking appointments.

Callaway grew up in Three Hills, attending 17 years of school, from kindergarten to post secondary, at the Christian institution. He eventually earned a pastoral diploma from PBI before venturing into secular universities, where he earned bachelor degrees in religious education and history and two masters degrees from Trinity Divinity School in pastoral and teaching disciplines.

Callaway parents were staff at the school while he attended, from 1960 to 1977, giving the full time pastor and educator an inside look. Maxwell in 1922, are remarkable piece of Alberta and Canadian history. post secondary institute started out with seven students in its augural year and reached its apex educating about 1,500 students of all levels from all over Canada and the United States each year after the Second World War.

According to Callaway, PBI was born out of a the fervor of the Christian fundamentalists, a reactionary group that believed the world was in its last days. The movement began in the late 1800s and early 1900s, before which Christian universities really didn exist, added Callaway.

was talked about in the same conversations as Moody (Bible Institute) and Biola (University), large American Christian Institutions, said Callaway, adding the school claims it has sent out around 20,000 missionaries to all parts of the world since its inception a remarkable feat for such a remote institution.

was a very influential place, he said, adding because of its many missionaries, people all over the world were familiar with PBI.

all some people knew of Canada. the massive number of students the school attracted, which in many years included a majority of Americans, there is little history written about the school, except that sanctioned by PBI, said Callaway. It was something the scholar wanted to remedy.

the fame that PBI gained in the 20th century, no one from the outside has even documented their history, he said.

presents a very rosy, non critical perspective. There deserves to be literature . particularly from an academic perspective. book includes a brief outline of his youth and boyhood experiences as they relate to PBI.

He said it was important for him to clean about his history when writing the 416 page book, which also includes a raft of research and anecdotes.

try to be as objective as I can, he said, adding he leaves it up to the reader to decide if he was successful in that attempt.

Callaway said he was motivated to turn his thesis into a book to people that were raised in this culture to better understand themselves. in his 50s, Callaway said while he unsure whether he will pursue more education, he is pleased the book is done.
dr martens new authentic wedge Pastor completes 10