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A teacher alerted administrators after Jazmin laid her head down on her desk. The teenager allegedly couldn’t walk, so she was put in a wheelchair and taken to the school nurse.

“Then she got interrogated. ‘What are you on? Where are the drugs?’ Jazmin doesn’t do any drugs. They took off her sweater, investigated her shoes, searched her pockets, treated her like a criminal,” said Randall Kallinen, one of the family’s attorneys. “If one of your children is in a high school, and they’re extremely dizzy, can’t walk, and need to get in a wheelchair, they need to call the hospital.”

The Garcias say they took Jazmin to a doctor that day where she was administered a drug test. They say results came back negative for all substances.

Despite being provided the negative test results, attorneys allege school officials expelled the high school student for ingesting an unknown substance.

Jazmin now has to attend an alternative school.

The family and their lawyers filed an appeal with the school district Monday.

“We’ve given Pasadena ISD every opportunity to do what’s right I this situation. Every single time, they’ve doubled down on their mistake,” said attorney Gene Wu.

Pasadena ISD released the following statement Monday:

“Regrettably, the information that has been presented here is not accurate in multiple ways. The safety of all our students in Pasadena ISD is our primary concern. Pasadena ISD is unable to comment on any individual student discipline in accordance with the law; however, campuses follow the Pasadena ISD Student Code of Conduct which outlines the appropriate appeal process for parents to follow.”
dr martens ebay Pasadena ISD expelled student for feeling sick