dr marten sale Palihawadana surprised over her new appoinment

dr martens 8 Palihawadana surprised over her new appoinment

The former Chief Epidemiologist and Epidemiology Unit Director Dr. Paba Palihawadana said she was surprised to know that she has been appointed the Director of the Health Promotion Bureau yesterday.

She was addressing the media during a health seminar held at the Health Promotion Bureau in Colombo yesterday.

She said she served as an epidemiologist for about 25 years. “I received a letter signed by the Health Ministry Secretary stating that I have been appointed as the Health Promotion Bureau Director, she said.

“The new appointment is not in accordance with my qualifications, previous experience and knowledge. I served as the Director of the Epidemiology Unit two years ago and went abroad following all relevant rules and regulations,” she said.

“When I returned recently, I found that my position was filled and I could not commence my duties according to the rules and regulations,” she said.

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dr marten sale Palihawadana surprised over her new appoinment