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Schornstein, 24, is an alpine skier with two previous Paralympics under his belt, having earned himself a 25th placing in the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics an impressive feat given he was the youngest competing Canadian athlete at the time. Schornstein continued that success, earning himself a 12th place finish at the 2014 Sochi Olympics and a second place spot at the world championships in 2017. Schornstein said as he heads into this year games, he skiing for a medal.

A downhill skier since the age of nine, Schornstein suffers from Erb Palsy and doesn have the use of his right arm, meaning he skis with just one pole.

the disconnection of the nerves that go from my right arm to my spine. I don have any use of my right arm, it just kind of hangs around, he said. major effect is my ability pushing out of the start. I only have one ski pole to push so I lose some time there. Our sport also uses a lot of balance so that the next big challenge, the centre of mass and balance is a struggle. combat this,
doctor martens 1460 Paralympian guns for podium in 2018
Schornstein hits the gym to strengthen his upper body and arm.

bench press a lot in the gym. I was in the gym this summer and one of my focuses was working on my arm strength. The goal was maxing out the rack and I hit the maximum of 100 lbs on one arm, he said. sport is an endurance sport. You doing a lot of mediocre lifting over a long period of time. You want that 100 per cent strength from the first second you leave the gate to that 1.5 minute mark. spent the last several months hitting the slopes across the world, competing in various competitions throughout Europe. on Feb. 8.

now it competition season, so I been doing world cups since December and some other races in November and a small break at Christmas. Other than that I been overseas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, France. his sights set on a Paralympic medal, Schornstein credits his recent improvement in the standings to mental toughness.

been mostly the mental training and trusting my skills and capability and clearing my mind, he said. the secret that I had and what worked for me last year and what been helping me in my training. he said both Russia and Korea have been hard up in competing with experiencing your first games on home soil.

only thing is that it hard to compete when your first Paralympics was on home soil in Vancouver, he said. didn have high expectations going into Russia, but I happy that I was able to get in and out with the success that I had. We did our testing last year in Korea and this ones going to be the second best out of the three I been doing. Paralympics start on March 8 in PyeongChang, South Korea.
doctor martens 1460 Paralympian guns for podium in 2018