doc martens womens shoes Passerby saves man who had fallen in Kenosha Harbor

dr martens safety shoes Passerby saves man who had fallen in Kenosha Harbor

Because the sound was echoing, he couldn’t tell at first where it was coming from. Then he saw a bike lying near the water along the sidewalk that runs along the sea wall near the 500 block of 54th Street. The bike was on the water side of the raised ledge that runs along the sidewalk

“I ran up to it and looked down and there he was in the water, hanging onto the ice,” Chamberlin said.

Chamberlin, 24, said he reached down and grabbed the man, but couldn’t pull him up. He said he stopped, called 911 and kept police on speaker while he continued to hold on to the man. “I was talking to him and trying to get him to calm down I told him, ‘If you keep pulling, I’m going to end up in there with you.'”

According to Kenosha Police, when two police officers arrived, they found Chamberlin holding on to the man in the water, and in danger of being pulled in himself. “They positioned themselves behind the wall and held on and grabbed hold of the Good Samaritan,” said Lt. Tim Schaal.

Even working together, the officers and the passerby were not able to pull the man from the water. Schaal said he likely had lost control of his limbs because of hypothermia.

Chamberlin said the man’s hands were curled to his chest and he could no longer hold on to him,
doc martens womens shoes Passerby saves man who had fallen in Kenosha Harbor
so Chamberlin grabbed him under his elbows to hold onto him. The police officers were holding Chamberlin by his ankles.

When the Kenosha Fire Department arrived, firefighters in cold water rescue gear got into the water and rescued the 41 year old man.

Schaal said the man is believed to have been in the water for 30 minutes, where his core body temperature had dropped to 85 degrees.

“He is still at the hospital, they are slowly warming him up,” Schaal said.

In an email, Fire Chief Charles Leipzig said the man in the water was conscious and able to speak to rescue crew. “It appears he may have been riding his bike along the sea wall and fell in,” Leipzig said. “Our crews did not determine why he was in the water, but it does appear to be accidental.”

The water temperature in Lake Michigan off Kenosha is about 34 degrees. According to data from the Minnesota Sea Grant, a person in the water when water temperatures are between 34 and 40 degrees is likely to become unconscious in 15 to 30 minutes, and to die of hypothermia in 30 to 90 minutes. If Chamberlin hadn’t happened along at a time the lakefront is typically deserted, the man would likely have died.

“I don’t believe in guardian angels, but the starter went out on my car yesterday, and if it hadn’t, I would have driven to the store instead of walked, and I never would have heard him,
doc martens womens shoes Passerby saves man who had fallen in Kenosha Harbor
” Chamberlin said.

He said he wasn’t really scared he was going to end up in the water himself because adrenaline took over and he didn’t think twice about putting himself at risk.